Reign of Giants Beta Now Available on Steam Early Access!

We've recently launched the Reign of Giants Expansion on Steam Early-Access!

The new content in Reign of Giants touches all corners of the game and is focused on adding content throughout the entire upper world of Don’t Starve. This includes new characters, seasons, creatures, craftables and biomes, all of which will work together with the existing content of Don’t Starve to provide new challenges and play-styles. 

What's in the Reign of Giants Early-Access Beta? 

At this point of the beta, we've included two brand new characters, new seasons, biomes, creatures, craftables and items.

New Characters - Play as Webber, a unique creature who can befriend Spiders and even grow a dapper silk beard. Or play as Wigfrid, a powerful, carnivorous, Valkyrie who gains power from her fallen foes!

Giants - Literally the biggest additions to the game are the Giants that you'll face at certain points of each season. Will you be able to adapt and overcome the dangerous new challenges each of them bring?

New Seasons - Did you think Winter was dangerous in the core game? Wait until you try surviving the heavy rainfall in Spring and the extreme heat during Summer. Each new season presents unique new challenges and rewards for those willing to brave the elements.

New Items and Craftables - To survive the new seasons, you'll have to use the new items and craftables including the Ice Hat, Ice Fling-O-Matic, Endothermic Fire, Rain Coat, Rain Hat, and much more!

New Creatures - Interact with new creatures like the burrowing Moleworms, the supercharged Volt Goats. There's also new creatures you can befriend like the gift-giving Catcoon and the docile Glommer.

New Save Slot - We've also added a new save slot into the game. Now, you'll be able to play through and survive five different worlds!

For more information about the Reign of Giants Beta on Steam Early Access, head on over to our thread for it in Don't Stave: Reign of Giants Beta Forums

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Don’t Starve Collectables Now Available At The New Klei Store!

Don't Starve blind box collectables

Greetings and salutations, fellow champions of science! After a lot of hard work, we're proud to announce that our very own Klei Store has launched where you'll be able to get your hands on the Don't Starve blind-box collectables! Head on over to the store at

Don't Starve Blind-Box Features

  • Highly detailed sculpts and paint created from actual game files.

  • Posable arms with holdable accessories.

  • Each blind box includes two accessories!

  • 12 characters to collect.

  • Character figures stand 3.5" tall (special characters may differ in height).

For those wondering where the Chester Plush is in the new store, hang tight! We'll have him available once he's created and after all the KickStarter backers who made him possible get theirs first. Stay tuned!

We'll be adding new stuff throughout the year so stay tuned from more updates! If you'd like to discuss the Don't Starve blind-box collectables and the New Klei Store, you can head over to our post on the official Don't Starve forum!

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Don’t Starve DLC: Reign of Giants (Spring Teaser)

Behold, a new moving picture show! Below you'll find the spring teaser trailer for Don't Starve: Reign of Giants DLC featuring an electrifying scene! If you would like to discuss the trailer, head over to our community discussion.

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Don’t Starve DLC: Reign of Giants (Winter Teaser)

Feast your eyes on the second Reign of Giants DLC teaser below! As always, if you wish to discuss these upcoming wonders, head over to our community discussion.

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Don’t Starve DLC: Reign of Giants (Winter Teaser)

Feast your eyes on the second Reign of Giants DLC teaser below! As always, if you wish to discuss these upcoming wonders, head over to our community discussion.

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New DLC Teaser Trailer – Reign of Giants

Behold; the Don't Starve DLC - Reign of Giants is coming soon!
Feast your eyes on the latest teaser trailer below. As always, if you wish to discuss these upcoming wonders, head over to our community discussion.

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Don’t Starve Now Available for PS4!

Don't Starve PS4

It's official, Don't Starve: Console Edition is now available for the PlayStation 4 in North America and January 8th in Europe. A release date for the Japanese version will be announced in the next week or so. You can purchase it for $14.99 on the PlayStation Store; and it's free for PlayStation Plus subscribers for the month of January!

If you’re new to the game, Don’t Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. It's a game that gives no instruction, and forces players to adapt or die in the processWe wrote a fancy new post discussing the details for the Official PlayStation Blog; check it out!

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We're happy to announce that our Chester Plush Replica KickStarter has launched!

One of the questions we've been getting since we first posted the prototype image is "Can you store stuff in him?" The answer is yes! His Eyebone even fits inside if that's how you'd prefer to store your adopted Chester.

Feast your eyes on the video above and check out our Chester Plush Replica KickStarter page for more info!

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New Trailer – Don’t Starve Halloween Mod Challenge

Behold! Feast your eyes on the latest trailer featuring a collection of community-made mods for Don't Starve! All available for free!

DS Halloween Mods on Steam:

DS Halloween Mods on Forum:

DS Halloween Challenge Post:

ColeenMcLeod, tehMugwump, Afro1967, Blackbow, jimmeh57, TheDanaAddams, Squeek, Malacath, ElAguilar, Irontaco, Craig_Perry, soul, Malacath's brother, Woscar the Impaler, Lawrence, Nycidian, LibertyOfTheAether, TheOnlyOne, TeoSS69, DragonBoy36, Blewcheese, Cacahuatoforo, Nycidian, debugman18, xxM0rtexx, Spooky Rust, KidneyBeanBoy

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New Update! All’s Well That Maxwell

Greetings and salutations fellow intrepid explorers! Have you ever wondered what incredible powers are hidden within the mysterious Maxwell? Well, now you can unleash his otherworldly shadow helpers in our latest update!

In addition, we've included a new, free horror mod that's sure to scare those who dare try it. But that's not all, we've also implemented a new section to the mods screen displaying the top five mods of the day! Very soon you will be able to expand your game with five of the most popular mods our community have created. If you're looking for a place to discuss these new improvements, we have just a thing! Read onward for our complete release notes.

all's well that's maxwell poster


Update Poster!

There's a new one! And in our usual fashion, you may preview a teensie-weensie sample version just to the left of this very text. If you click on it, it will grow to a creepy-crawly gargantuan size using the infinite powers of the internet... and Maxwell!

Major Update Notes:


  • Maxwell can now summon his shadow helpers for support in combat - up to three of these can be summoned to follow and fight alongside maxwell.


New Horror Mod: 

  • The Screecher is a free horror mod for Don't Starve. It is included as free content for all owners!

don't starve the screecher

Creatures & Items: 

  • Defeated Mosquitoes now drop loot!
  • The "Totally Normal Tree" now spawns in the world.

Tweaks & Changes:


  • Depth Worm attacks ramp up over an increased time period.
  • Spitter Spiders' projectile range and speed have been decreased.


  • Miner Hats can now be refueled with light bulbs or fireflies.
  • Wickerbottom's books now have descriptions!
  • The Tooth Trap and Bee Mines can no longer be packed to closely by dropping them.


  • Main menu buttons have been rearranged.
  • New animations to mining and book reading have been added.
  • Feedback has been improved when character takes damage over time.
  • New, additional music have been added to the Ruins.
  • The text widget and console focus have been improved.
  • Controller/gamepad input have been improved - action button will now harvest farms, crockpots and drying racks.

 Mod Support: 

  • A new "Top Mods" section has been added to the mods screen. Very soon, it will show the top five most popular mods of the day.
  • Mods can now specify a save slot instead of using slots 1-4. 
  • Sublime Text, a script editor, has been packaged with the mod tools in Steam!
  • Road Textures can now be overwritten by a mod

If you want to discuss the latest update among other fellow champions of science, you can head over to our update post on the official Don't Starve Forum! You'll also get the complete list of game tweaks and fixes in our full release notes.

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